Unique Raku Pottery and Ceramics by Ildikó Károlyi

A wish come true

When I started making Whispering Globes it was a conscious decision to pick that particular form. Spheres carry ancient and universal symbolism referencing completeness, unity, protection and femininity and a number of mysterious aspects too.

Maybe with every Whispering Globe created and every wish whispered I came closer to our wish coming true… And here we are, our newborn son is now huffing and puffing here by my side.

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About Ildikó:

My aim is to create lovable, usable, high-quality ceramic objects that provide a wide range of visual and tactile experiences. My creative process consists of constant, focused, yet in some aspects instinctive experimentation with materials, shapes and surfaces. My goal is to capture beauty. This process is an intuitive search for harmony, a quest for delight. Objects born in my hands are imprints of the inner paths of this explorer-researcher-observer mind.

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