Unique Raku Pottery and Ceramics by Ildikó Károlyi

Ildikó Károlyi

Ildikó Károlyi

I make ceramic objects. My personal aim is to create lovable, usable, high-quality pieces that provide a wide range of visual and tactile experiences, objects that can decorate both 21st century homes and public spaces.

My creative process consists of constant, focused, yet in some aspects instinctive experimentation with materials, shapes and surfaces. As a ceramist my goal is to capture beauty. This process is an intuitive search for harmony, a quest for delight. Objects born in my hands are imprints of the inner paths of this explorer-researcher-observer mind.

I’ve been making Whispering Globes – tangible universes – for about four years now. With my globes I mean to recall the first use of clay by humans. They ask to be picked up by two hands, they are ergonomic in their roundness and also celebrate the uniquely variable tactile decorative capabilities of our medium. Whispering Globes have a real sense of heritage and yet they are something completely new.

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Raku Pottery

I prefer the raku technique to create decorative objects, these are a perfect match for both today’s modern interiors with clean shapes and light colors and for more conservative environments furnished with elegance. Raku ceramic pieces are extremely and unpredictably unique, modern and natural. The process of creation is often as engaging as raku objects themselves. Raku is not just a reductive low fire technique, it is a fascinating, adventurous performance.

Ildikó Károlyi, Ceramic Artist from Budapest, Hungary

The contrast between the irregularity of the raw, natural surfaces – wabi – and the geometric ornamentation or the timeless proportions of the pure spherical form – sabi – creates the powerful, unrepeatable, sometimes perplexing beauty of my pieces.

My works have been exhibited in Hungary, Spain, Italy and Croatia, and decorate homes from Canada to Taiwan, from Norway to Monaco.


Folk Playhouse Animator (2011-2012)

Hungarian Heritage House, Budapest, Hungary

Potter (2004-2006)

High School of Folk Arts and Crafts, Budapest, Hungary

Specialist in Foreign Affairs (2001–2003)

University of Economic Sciences, Budapest, Hungary

Conservation of Cultural Heritage (1995–1999)

University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy, with a scholarship

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