Unique Raku Pottery and Ceramics by Ildikó Károlyi

Black and White Minimalism, Wild Clay Experiments and More

The latest site upgrade brought a good number of my recent work to the site. Some of those are also available for sale. Here’s an incomplete but representative list of them.

Black and White Minimalism

The world is full of bright colors and evanescent shades. But, as they say in love, opposites attract. The strength of the contrast is sometimes all that matters… From the fascination for opposites, a series of black and white – and black – objects was born.

Wild Clay Experiments

It takes courage to realize how much beauty lies in the simplest things. Reaching back to the roots where this beauty originates from is a real challenge in today’s fast paced, consumer driven world. In my current works I mean to recall the first use of clay by humans. This unrefined, local, wild clay – practically the soil itself, a living material, containing various “impurities” – was found almost by accident; it produces an alluring, coarse, glowing red surface and develops characteristic, unique crackling patterns, which remind of surfaces shaped by the forces of nature for millions of years. These vessels ask to be picked up by two hands, they are ergonomic in their roundness and also celebrate the uniquely variable tactile decorative capabilities of our medium.

Under the Surface

Under the Surface is an installation prepared for Ceramica Multiplex 2016, the greatest and most important ceramic manifestation in Croatia. It uses Whispering Globes as agents and an aquarium as the installation space. Whispering Globes are special gift wraps for delivering wishes, they are messengers and as bottles in the ocean, they float in the water. While their visible part is almost identical, the fish tank reveals that “under the surface” they all have their unique identities and destinations.

Home Decor Objects

My personal aim is to create lovable, usable, high-quality pieces that provide a wide range of visual and tactile experiences, objects that can decorate both 21st century homes and public spaces.

Four Elements

The Spirit of the Maker invokes all four elements – Earth, Fire, Air, Water – and the Raku technique to produce unpredictably unique ceramic objects while keeping their essential harmony with nature… and to create singular, tangible universes.

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About Ildikó:

My aim is to create lovable, usable, high-quality ceramic objects that provide a wide range of visual and tactile experiences. My creative process consists of constant, focused, yet in some aspects instinctive experimentation with materials, shapes and surfaces. My goal is to capture beauty. This process is an intuitive search for harmony, a quest for delight. Objects born in my hands are imprints of the inner paths of this explorer-researcher-observer mind.

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