Unique Raku Pottery and Ceramics by Ildikó Károlyi



Raku Ceramics for the Dune 2021 Movie Set

In 2019 I was invited to create ceramic objects for Denis Villeneuve’s Dune movie adaptation. A limited number of one off, original pieces were made, half of which were hand selected for the set. Radical, worn surfaces, an otherworldly mood; welcome to the world of Dune.

Ceramic tableware line: Neolithic roots

Simple is beautiful. A sense of heritage with a contemporary modernity. The raw, simplistic elements, the muted tones I used in this series recall the natural, smoky memories, the handcrafted roundness of Neolithic ceramics. The plain surfaces and simple forms are capable of highlighting the inherent beauty of clay. Yet, the pieces are durable and functional.

A wish come true

Whispering Globes carry ancient and universal symbolism referencing completeness, unity, protection and femininity. Maybe with every Whispering Globe created and every wish whispered I came closer to our wish coming true…

Black and White Minimalism, Wild Clay Experiments and More

The latest update brought a number of my recent creations to the site. Black and white objects born from the fascination for opposites, wild-clay experiments reaching back to the roots of beauty, Whispering Globes and other home decor objects in true harmony with nature. Some of them are also available for sale.

Raku Ceramics: Elemental Harmony

The Spirit of the Maker invokes all four elements – Earth, Fire, Air, Water – and the Raku technique to produce unpredictably unique ceramic objects while keeping their essential harmony with nature… and to create singular, tangible universes.