• Use: mate gourd
    • Techniques: wheel-thrown • raku
    • Price: 35–45 € a piece (on order) Order

Ceramic Mate Gourds

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4 Comments to "Ceramic Mate Gourds"
  • Hello,

    I like your copper touch mate gourd. What are the dimensions and volume/capacity of this item?

    Can you ship to USA?



    • Thank you, John.
      Unfortunately these pieces are not in stock right now. Their height was 2.5 to 3.5 inches, diameter roughly 3 inches. Volume 8 to 10 ounces, approximately. There were a couple of larger pieces too.
      We do ship to the USA. I’m sending you a mail with more details.

  • Hello from Canada !

    Do you ship in the land of Maple Syrup ?

    Your mate gourds looks SPLENDID ! All the Best.

    • Hi Mathious, thank you for your comment. We do ship internationally but unfortunately we are pretty much out of stock now. I’m going to get back to you when there’s some news.


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